A complete range of sunglasses with prescription sunglasses available from: Ray Ban, Marco O’Polo and Ocean Blue

We stock a wide range of optical quality sunglasses that are designed to offer you safe and comfortable vision. Sunglasses will not only shade your eyes from glare and harsh sunlight but also give the best protection from UV rays. Excessive UV light can be hazardous to your eyes as well as your skin, and has been linked with damage to the lens inside your eye and the retina.

Your sunglasses should not only be considered in the summer months as the low winter sun can be just as dazzling as the midday sun in summer which is why we maintain a stock of quality sunglasses all year round.

Finally, to ensure your sunglasses are perfect for you, qualified dispensing opticians are always on hand not only to accurately fit your frames on collection, but also to make any adjustments you may need to ensure the optimum fit is maintained.