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A complete range of spectacles with designer frames available from: Oliver Peoples – Ray-Ban – Silhouette – neubau – Tiffany – Mulberry – Hackett – Ted Baker – Gant – L.K. Bennett – Cath Kidston – Lulu Guinness – Walter & Herbert – Swarovski


The cutting edge of spectacle lens technology

Over the last couple of years many new developments in spectacle lens technology have evolved such as thinner, lighter lenses, special lens coatings, and new types of light sensitive lenses that have all been designed to improve your vision and ensure that your spectacles are more comfortable to wear.

At Bethell & Clark we are free to choose from a wide selection of quality spectacle lens manufacturers including Essilor, Zeiss, Rodenstock and Hoya. We are an Essilor Specialist and offer innovative, high quality products such as Varilux X Series, Digitime, Road Pilot and Eyezen. This means we can offer you a wider choice than the high street chains, together with a more personal service that caters for your specific requirements, lifestyle and budget.

If you have trouble focusing both close up and far away, you are probably familiar with bifocals. These lenses have clearly defined segments for reading and distance. A lot of people dislike them for cosmetic reasons, or find that the dividing lines detract from visual comfort. If this applies to you the answer could be progressive or varifocal lenses.

Varifocal lenses  look like ordinary single vision lenses but the lens power changes gradually from your distance prescription at the top to your reading prescription at the bottom – giving a range of distances in-focus between the two. There can be some blurring with peripheral vision in these lens types, but technology is constantly improving to reduce this. High-end varifocals can even be bespoke, to suit your exact facial measurements and eye movements. As a result we find that these types of lenses are much more popular than old bifocal lens designs – as people discover the more flexible vision they offer.logos1

Anti-Reflection Coated Lenses

Lens reflections can be a problem for spectacle wearers.

There are four different types of reflection:

  • reflections on the front of the lens, seen by other people.
  • reflections on the rear surface, from behind which are superimposed on the wearer’s field of vision.
  • internal reflections caused by lens thickness, particularly noticeable in high-powered lenses.
  • reflections at the front surface of the eye.

All these reflections can reduce the amount of light reaching the eye by, as much as 15%, which means both vision quality and contrast are impaired. There is a solution. By treating the lens with special layers of coating, reflections can be limited to less than 1% and the problems are almost eliminated.

Anti-reflective coatings reduce reflections from the lens surface and thus increase the amount of light passing through the lens – the benefits can be significant:

  • clearer and sharper clarity of vision
  • closer to natural vision
  • improved driving vision – especially at night

In short, everyone who wears spectacles will enjoy the overall improved visual comfort provided by anti-reflection coatings.

Taking care of your spectacles

It is advisable to clean your spectacles regularly with a microfibre lens cloth and lens cleaning solutions. Disposable lens wipes are also available which are especially good at removing the dust and smudges that collect daily. We carry a range of inexpensive cleaning solutions, cloths and lens wipes suitable for all types of spectacle lenses.

Whenever it is necessary, our qualified dispensing opticians will be pleased to adjust your spectacles to ensure they are comfortable and provide you with the best possible vision. Minor repairs such as refitting lost screws, can usually be done while you wait, so please call in if you experience any difficulties. More drastic repairs can usually be dealt with the same day in our on-site lab.

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    Beautiful eyewear designed, manufactured & tested in England.

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    Exclusive Hand-Crafted sunglasses with subtle detailing, retro aesthetics and high-quality materials.

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