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Our Technology


Give yourself the best eye health check you possibly can with our brand new OCT scanner. Available for an additional £24 when you have a private or NHS sight test.

What is an OCT eye scan?

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is an advanced scan of the eye for people of all ages. Similar to ultrasound, OCT uses light rather than sound waves to image the many different layers that make up the retina (the inside of your eye). With OCT we can easily see all the important layers of the retina that are usually invisible to us in a normal eye exam (or even with retinal photography). An OCT scan is quick and painless, and takes a retinal photograph as well as the advanced scan. What’s more, the quality of the scan is much less dependent on the need for eye drops, to dilate your pupils, than traditional retinal photography.

The Benefits of OCT: Beyond the tip of the iceberg

OCT imaging can detect common, treatable eye diseases such as glaucoma up to 4 years earlier than a standard eye test, and is the earliest way to detect all forms of Age-related Macula Degeneration (AMD). This state-of-the-art instrument allows our optometrists to take both a photograph of the retina, and a 3D cross section of every layer of the retina beneath that surface layer. An OCT scan should be part of every adult’s regular eye tests, but is essential if you have a family history of glaucoma or AMD.

Framestore system

Do you find it difficult to see yourself when you are choosing new frames?
Can choosing the right frame for you be difficult?
If so, then we have invested in a clever new system to help you out.

Our I-Pad App can freeze your face on screen, letting you see a clear picture of yourself in up to four frames. This not only helps you see clearly, but allows you to compare frames against each other on screen!

Completely free! This complimentary service is available to any patients who would like to find choosing their new frames an easier experience!

  • Joules

    Original prints and bold, bright colours are the main ingredients of the very first Joules eyewear collection. With careful attention to detail there is so much to discover; the Joules signature hare can be found hopping around on tips and inside nose pads and prints run through onto lens cloths.

  • Hackett

    Handcrafted from the finest acetates and meticulously tailored for fit, our bespoke ophthalmic collection fully embraces the classic aesthetic. Style concedes to timelessness, trends are not acknowledged. Here time slows down to collect, not recollect.

  • Ted Baker now available!

    Come in and view our brilliant range of Ted Baker eyewear. Quirky distinctive styling meets handcrafted quality, for an ocular spectacular that mixes and matches bold colours and patterns to create unparalleled, individual eyewear.

  • Book your sight test online

    You can now submit a sight test request online. From the sight test menu above, select “Book appointment” and complete the requested information. On receipt of your request a member of staff will contact you with the closest appointment to your request.    

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