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Sight Tests

Sight Tests

An eye examination is a battery of tests performed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist to check the health of the eyes, assess vision and how the eyes function together. Health care professionals recommend that everyone should have regular routine eye examinations to check vision and the health of the eyes. This is especially important since many eye diseases are have no signs or symptoms in their early stages.

Eye examinations can detect eye diseases (many of which are treatable) and ocular signs of general health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes, some forms of cancer, arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Digital Retinal Photography

With our digital retinal camera we can take a photograph of the living tissue inside your eye. This enables us to carry out a far more detailed examination than was previously possible. The digital image of your retina can be magnified, measured and enhanced to reveal disease other wise difficult to detect with our ordinary instrument Рthe ophthalmoscope.  Every time you visit our practice, we will be able to compare your photographic records to detect small changes in retina, which can be the early signs of eye disease. Many eye diseases are easier to treat and lead to less sight loss when detected and diagnosed early.

We believe that this technology will benefit both all patients over 30 years of age and is available at a small fee supplementary to your sight test. Ask for more details at your next visit.

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  • Book your sight test online

    You can now submit a sight test request online. From the sight test menu above, select “Book appointment” and complete the requested information. On receipt of your request a member of staff will contact you with the closest appointment to your request.    

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